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2010 South Star Awards Finalists Announced

April 27, 2010

DMA Atlanta is pleased to announce the 2010 South Star Awards Finalists.  More than 17 entries were honored across 10 categories.

Winners will be announced at the DMA Atlanta May 20th luncheon at Maggiano’s Perimeter from 11:00- 1:30 p.m. Join DMA Atlanta as we honor the Southeast’s most talented direct marketers who have the best direct and interactive campaigns.

The South Star Awards are given to campaigns that have the power to change business.  Each winner will have proven to the judges the perfect combinations of visionary strategy, compelling creative and breakthrough results.  Winners will automatically qualify for the second round of judging in the DMA International ECHO Awards.

Direct Mail

Medieval Times –Direct Mail B-B-order generation-Take a Field trip to the 11th Century

MLT Creative-BioGuard- Direct Mail B-B-Multi-Wave Dealer Awareness Campaign

Red House-McKesson-Direct Mail Traffic Generation-Clinical Procedure Resource Solutions Mailer

DataDirect– Georgia Lottery Corp- Direct Mail –Consumer-Deal or No Deal

BKV-Honeybaked Ham- Consumer-Order Generation-Christmas Mailing

Integrated Campaign-

Medieval Times– Integrated Consumer-All for One and One Price for All

BKV-Integrated Consumer-Equifax Debt Wise Product Launch

UPS– Integrated B-B-No stress with UPS sweepstakes

BKV– Integrated B-B-Business of Law Blog Acquisition

MLT Creative-Integrated B-B-Forte Integrated Campaign

Red House-Integrated B-B-MSP Recruiting Campaign

Electronic –

IBM-Electronic- Website B-B-IT Superstar of the Year

BKV– Electronic B-C Website-The Mesothelioma Resource Center Re-design.

Integrative Logic– Website

BKV-Electronic Website Consumer-AT & T Core Paid Search Landing Page Test

BKV-Electronic B-C SEM-Mesothelioma SEM

BrightWave Marketing-Email Campaign-Consumer-Chick-fil-A Enhanced Email PRogram Drives Sales, Social Engagement & Subscriber Loyalty in 2009


Letter from the DMA Atlanta President | Alex Marchetti

March 8, 2010

By Alex Marchetti  President DMA Atlanta | President Whitestone Marketing 

“The overwhelming reality of our time is not how much is changing-it is the extraordinary pace of change itself”, states Stan Rapp in his book, Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing.  Rapp goes on to explain his definition of iDirect, “the twenty-first century growth engine crafted at the intersection of digital technologies and direct marketing practices.  iDirect is interactive, information-driven, individualized, insightful, iterative and is grounded in what the Internet makes possible as never before.  iDirect Marketing is today’s most responsive, affordable, and accountable approach to attracting brand believers and exceeding your revenue goals”. For those that attended the January luncheon combining the iDirect experience with iBranding, the experience of building brand equity in the digital era, was demonstrated by Michael McCathren from Chick-fil-A.  Michael explained to us that marketers are no longer the sole owners of brands.  Michael states, “Your customers busily peck away at the computer keyboard to create their personal Internet brand, an iBrand of their own, with its own set of brand equity components.  The winning marketers of tomorrow will know how to raise the value of their customers’ Internet equity.  One-to-one marketing has become Brand-to-iBrand marketing”. And let us not forget with the flood of data being generated and the shift to data-driven, relevant customer engagement, we can now provide valuable insight into customer lifetime value.

I share these thoughts and wish to inspire each of you, as direct marketers, to be prepared for the change and embrace the next era of marketing.  “Everyone’s industry is not simply changing; it is being redefined, creating historic opportunity for the prepared and profound threats for the unprepared.  Absolutely no one, no matter how big, how well established, or how successful in the past, can afford to do business the same old way”, states, Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive .  “Here’s all that is certain about the future: it holds profound unpredictable change.  Abandon yesterday.  The change leader must put every product, service, process, and market on trial for its life”, also states Drucker. 

With those words I encourage you to attend the Thursday luncheon with Stan Rapp and learn from one of the DM greats!  We strive to bring our members, “best in class speakers” that will allow us, as marketers, to excel through education. To register…