Is Email Dead Yet?

If you missed last Luncheon with Simms Jenkins,  you will find below some great tips from Simms’ presentation!

By Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave Marketing

Is Email Dead Yet?
Hardly. With new business models centered on email as the “product”, the return on investment still surging and innovation occurring in the email channel, email marketing is the go to marketing platform for any digital marketer.  BrightWave Marketing CEO Simms Jenkins spoke about the innovations of the hot again email channel and talked about where email is headed in the future. Jenkins, also the author of “The Truth About Email Marketing” presented how top brands and technology are making email marketing go beyond customer retention, loyalty and sales.  Additionally, Jenkins covered how email plays a crucial role in emerging digital platforms, such as social and mobile.  The questions of how email and social live together was not only addressed but real examples of how to better leverage the channels for the sake of your brand and sales were demonstrated as well. Be sure to review the presentation and discover insights into key industry trends and the road map of the future of email marketing

  • the “new” best practices
  • Learn from leading-edge case study examples
  • Understand how to better position email internally and find the right budget, partners and resources
  • Learn the latest research on how consumers view email in a Facebook world
  • Understand how to integrate email into complimentary channels like social, mobile and other emerging areas
  • Hear real examples from leading brands on how and what customers prefer for digital messaging
  • Discover why it is not an “either or” world but how to best position email as the hub of these communications internally and externally
  • Find out how Social check in, Qr Codes, SMS, Facebook and more can take your email program to the next level
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