The 60 Second Marketer Guide to What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2011

By Jamie Turner, Chief Content Officer of the 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine of BKV Digital and Direct Response. He is also the co-author of “How to Make Money with Social Media” which is available in fine bookstores (and a few not-so-fine bookstores) everywhere.

Are you interested in finding out what’s hot and what’s not in 2011?

Recently, I sat down with Patrick Miller, Kyle Wegner and Kwesi Robertson from BKV Digital and Direct Response and asked them to develop a list of what’s hot and what’s not for marketers. Our intent was to provide you a list of tools that are “past their prime” vs. tools that will begin to reach their prime in 2011.

(By the way, we’re always writing posts about the newest tools, tips and techniques in marketing. If you’d like to stay up-to-date on the newest trends in marketing, subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter or to this blog.)

We hope you enjoy our “What’s Hot” guide. And feel free to add your own items in the comments section below!

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