The Email Welcome Message: An Opportunity you don’t want to Miss!

By Allen Nance, The Mansell Group Inc.
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One of the cornerstones of a successful email marketing program is growing a healthy list. Your first interaction with a new subscriber is a pivotal point in the email relationship and can either ensure they’ll be an engaged subscriber for life, or ensure that they will unsubscribe right away. Obviously, the first scenario is ideal.

When someone takes enough interest in your company and trusts you enough to share their coveted email address, especially in today’s spam-filled world, that is a pretty big deal. By joining your list, the recipient has shown interest and you are still fresh on their mind. Because of this, the welcome message often sees the highest open rates as compared to other email messages.

Don’t waste this opportunity by sending out the initial welcome message hours or days later. The ideal time to send the welcome message is immediately after someone joins your list. With today’s email platform solutions, setting up an automated join or welcome message is simple.

Gone are the days of the plain text messages that only serve to confirm your subscriber’s opt-in. The most successful email marketers today use the welcome message as the first, and often best, opportunity to form a bond with the recipient by following some simple guidelines.

First and foremost, thank them, confirm that they have joined your list, and include which list they have joined. Share with them the benefit of being a part of this list—discounts, informative articles, breaking news, etc. Set expectations by letting them know how often they will hear from you—and stick to it! Use some personalization and a friendly tone. After all, this is a welcome message, not a thesis paper! Clearly state your privacy policy.

According to Marketing Sherpa, over 50% of consumers are much more likely to opt in to a list if they know that the company guarantees their information will not be shared with other companies. If it’s feasible, offer a freebie such as a coupon or whitepaper for joining the list.Even though this is the first message, be sure to still include an appropriate unsubscribe mechanism. Letting people know they can easily unsubscribe at any time will build trust and help keep a clean list.

Welcome messages are one of the most important tools for email marketers. They serve as your first impression, and just like all first impressions, can help make or break a relationship. By following some simple guidelines, you can make sure that your relationship with subscribers gets off on the right foot!

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