DMA Atlanta Volunteer Close Up May – Ségolène de Marolles

Name: Ségolène de Marolles

Birthplace: Versailles, France

Family: My  husband: Hubert, works in the stationery business.  Our kids: Rodrigue 6, Philippine 2,  Arthur 1.

Occupation: Entrepreneur: Starting The Communication Box marketing consulting company in Summer, 2010

Education: Masters in Communication at René Descartes University, Paris.  Bachelor of History at Sorbonne University, Paris

DMA Member Since: December, 2009

What is the most helpful step(s) you took to advance your direct marketing career?
Building my network through DMA Atlanta!
Researching on the internet, going to luncheons. I’m particularly interested in how social media is changing direct marketing today, and tomorrow. The increasing numbers of consumers in social media has an impact on brand awareness and on the setup of marketing plans.

Any advice you’d offer a novice who wants to move up in direct marketing?
Learn the maximum about direct marketing and always remember to be consumer-oriented. Follow the trends: Social media, web 2.0… Focus on your audience’s habits and profile to build your Direct Marketing plan.
There are no old or new ways to do direct marketing, it’s a balance of different tools adapted to reach a specific audience.

Professional Experience:
I started to work at Euro RSCG BETC, an advertising agency in Paris, France, then in a Communication Agency in Annecy, France, and then moved to Shanghai, China where I worked as a communication manager. Finally, I settled in Atlanta two years ago.

Volunteer Experience:
Red Cross Atlanta at the Media Relations department. Holy Spirit Catholic Church at Sunday School.

DM Forecast for 2010:
Critical to focus on quality and content when competition is tough and the economic environment  is difficult. Quality always makes a difference. Important to adapt strategy to fit with the new technologies.

Toughest Marketing Project:
As a communication manager for PEBEO (manufacturer of colors)  in China, I had to adapt all the marketing tools and design new ones to succeed in this new market. Distribution is not easy to manage in China, but if the products are not available in store, no marketing will increase the sales!  I always had to work closely with all departments to be sure that the right products were at the right place at the right time, and to be sure that my e-mails, coupons, in store communications, etc. would have an impact.

Favorite Restaurant: Two Urban Licks; Parish: great design; Joel: great French food; Anis: nice terrace.

Favorite Films: The Devil Wears Prada, Love Actually, Milk

Significant Books: Avid reader: Twitterville, Wild Swans,  Bad News. Any  biographies of political or engaging people, 20th century literature.

Favorite Musical Groups: U2, French singers

Favorite Websites:,,,,,,

Leisure Interests: reading, surfing (the web), design & fashion, hiking, traveling: especially in Asia: Japan was a great experience! Can’t wait to discover San Francisco this summer.

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