Are You Sending the Right Amount of Emails to Your List?

By Allen Nance, Mansell Group, Inc.

You think so, right? But how do you know for sure if you are sending too many? Or not enough? There is a fine line to walk between over-mailing and under-mailing your subscribers.

Here’s the simple answer: there is no magic number when it comes to email frequency. The key to remember is that value is related to the frequency of your messages. What content you send impacts how often you can send. The problem of over-mailing is not that you send too many emails, but rather that you send too many of the same email or too many of what your subscriber deems ‘irrelevant emails’. The more value that the recipient places on the email, the more frequently you can send messages.

When it comes to perceived value in your email, content is king. Value in your email can be achieved by using relevant content, targeted messaging and segmentation of your list. Creating value in your email allows you to send more often because your subscribers will want to receive these messages that represent their interests, needs, or wants. When sending valuable content to subscribers, emails will be opened, not filed away for another time with all of their other emails. Once you establish that your emails are worth opening, subscribers won’t be concerned with how often you email, they will instead be paying attention to what’s in them.

While it might take you a little while to navigate the right frequency for your email list, the goal is to keep your brand and message top of mind for your subscribers by creating relevant content that keeps them excited for the next email to hit their inbox. So what is the perfect number of emails to send? That’s easy; there isn’t one ‘magic’ number.

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One Comment on “Are You Sending the Right Amount of Emails to Your List?”

  1. Michael Says:

    This question is certainly a popular one with customers who get involved with email marketing. If you send too much, you can hurt your list’s power. But if you have the content that people can’t get enough of, then sending more often works. Every person or company is different so think about this before you start blasting away.

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