“Some wonder, some watch and some make it happen”

by Alex Marchetti|President Whitestone Marketing|President DMA Atlanta

Some wonder, some watch and some make it happen” words made famous by Tommy Lasorda. Whether you remember Tommy from his baseball playing days, his managerial triumphs (2 World Series championships), Slim Fast commercials or follow him on Facebook, his fiery Mediterranean temperament and outrageous tirades made things happen. He was never satisfied with the status quo and continually demanded exceptional performance from himself and everyone who associated with him.

Imagine for a moment that Mr. Lasorda is a contemporary marketing executive and responsible for the sustainable growth and profitability your company. Wow! Social media, direct mail, email campaigns, interactive, creative and a host of other marketing strategies would be quickly evaluated and tested for appropriateness and their ability to achieve results. Under Tommy’s direction your company would aggressively explore new strategies and tactics that would enhance customer experiences and promotes the customer lifetime value philosophy.

Tommy was a special kind of person capable of blazing new trails and driven to beat the competition. Today’s challenging business environment coupled with the intense pressures of global competition, we need to be the ones that make it happen. We must be thought leaders, creators, innovators, and agents for change. Watching will leave us behind wondering what happened.

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