Multicultural Leadership Community | TOP 10 Reasons to Better Serve and Woo the Booming Hispanic Market

by Roberto Gomez Jr.* | Vertis Communications

1 – Hispanics represent a rapidly growing, yet underserved, consumer market.

2 – Amidst a sluggish economy, Hispanics exhibit increasing affluence and sustainable growth in purchasing power.

3 – The Hispanic market skews young, indicating a tremendous opportunity to win customers at their peak of consumption and secure customers for life.

4 – Hispanics are pouring online at a rapid pace.

5 – Hispanics tend to be brand-loyal, indicating tremendous potential lifetime customer value.

6 – Hispanics value and refer those companies that provide Spanish service.

7 – Hispanics are cultural influencers with increasing trendsetting power.

8 – Near shore outsourcing is an attractive option for serving U.S. Hispanics.

9 – Smart companies are already wooing Hispanics.

10 – Hispanics are the market of the future—continued under-service of Hispanics will relegate your company to sluggish sales and low returns.

*Roberto Gomez Jr. works at Vertis Communications ( He is the chairmen of the Multicultural Leadership Group for the DMA-Atlanta.

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