DMA Atlanta Volunteer Close Up – Keith Franco

by Jonathan Freed | Hub Labels

Name: Keith Franco

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia

Family: Wife of 21 yrs, Pam, 1 Son, Bryan – 17 yrs old

Occupation: Sales – Direct Marketing Services

Education: GA Southern University

Member Since: Mar 2008

What is the most helpful step(s) you took to advance your direct marketing career? Social networking, Reading, Interacting with other strong marketers, Sell up.

Any advice you’d offer a novice who wants to move up in direct marketing? Surround yourself with experienced direct marketers and think outside the box.  Be creative in your approach from concept to finish.  Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient not the marketer.

Professional Experience:
Data/Document Management (Operations Management/Sales) 10 yrs
Legal Copying & Imaging/Trial Graphics (Sales) 5 yrs
Digital Printing & Imaging/Offset Printing (Sales & Sales Management) 4 yrs
Direct Marketing Products and Services (Sales) 8 yrs

Volunteer Experience:
Boy Scouts of America – 1 yr
Direct Marketing Association of Atlanta – 2 yrs
Martial Arts Instructor – 8 yrs

DM Forecast for 2010: I believe the market is slowly coming back.  I read somewhere that in 2010 more and more marketers are going to try reaching out and touching someone directly.  That DM efforts will account for just over half (52%) of the entire US ad spend in 2010.  Biz Report states “The boost in direct marketing is also expected to boost the overall economy by providing jobs in much-needed sectors. Also, in 2010, for every $1 spent on a direct marketing, ad marketers are expected to see a return of just over $11.”  This is very encouraging.

If companies want market share, they have to market.  It’s that simple.  I tell my prospects and customers not to market more but to market smarter.  There are tools in all channels that allow for this.

Toughest Marketing Project: For 2 different kitchen/bath design software suites and from concept to response tracking, we rolled out 2 post cards w/ pURLs, 2 letters w/ pURLs and 1 magazine ad with a generic pURL.  1 letter and 1 post card including pURLs were in French.  This was slated for 90 days but we rolled it out in 45.

Favorite DM Package: Starr Tincup “ACME” giveaway.  I wish I’d known then what I know now

Favorite Restaurant: Happy Sumo, Nakato and just about any upscale steak house or micro brewery restaurant

Favorite Films: The Long Riders, Tombstone, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Silverado, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Godfather, Good Fellas,

Significant Books: Think and Grow Rich, Success is Never-Ending and Failure is Never Final, Pillars of Earth, Anything By Jodi Picoult,  Janet Evanovich,  David Baldacci, James Patterson,   Michael Connelly,  Clive Cussler.

Favorite Musical Groups: The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Wishbone Ash, King Crimson, The Black Crows, War & Earth, Wind & Fire

Favorite Websites: LinkedIn, facebook, 60 Second Marketer, DMA-Atlanta, FOX News, DM News,,

Leisure Interests: Golf, Martial Arts, Reading and listening to audio books, cooking, spending time with family and friends

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