DMA Atlanta Volunteer Close Up January 2010-Michael Means

By Jonathan Freed, Hub Labels

By Jonathan Freed, Hub Labels

Name: Michael Means

Birthplace: Atlanta, GA

Family: Dog named Roxy

Occupation: Business Development Manager – Mansell Group

Education: Bachelor of Science from the University of Mississippi

Member Since: May 2009

What is the most helpful step(s) you took to advance your direct marketing career?  Building a strong network of contacts was essential.  I used social networking sites such as Linkedin and Facebook which helped reconnect with me with old colleagues, classmates, clients, and opened the door to professionals who I’d like to associate with.  Also, I try to take time each day to research my competition, read the latest white papers and articles which are relative to all marketing channels – knowledge is power.

Any advice you’d offer a novice who wants to move up in direct marketing? Yes, I would recommend writing down ten goals that you know you can achieve within the year and then write down five goals that you would like to reach but they are a stretch.  Then post those goals on your computer or by your phone so that you’ll be reminded each day of what you’re trying to achieve.  Secondly, I would attend as many networking events as possible but don’t sell yourself short at these events – you need to stand out, ask questions, be assertive and introduce yourself to as many people as possible while having a smile on your face.  

 Professional Experience: My first job out of college was a bar manager at the Pool Hall in Buckhead.  I then worked at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead as an Assistant Manager for a year.  After realizing the hospitality industry wasn’t for me, I worked in advertising sales for a national commercial real estate publication here in Atlanta. Four years of grinding it out in ad sales paved my way to Business Development at the Mansell Group, which happened to be one floor down in the same building.  I’m now enjoying work more than ever selling technology enabled marketing. 

 Volunteer Experience: Habitat for Humanity through Christ the King Church, Operation Care Package for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

 DM Forecast for 2010: After experiencing a challenging 2009, marketers seem to be upbeat about the economy recovering in 2010 and are planning to push more of their budgets online, especially into search advertising, social media, email, display ads and media TV style ads.

 Toughest Marketing Project: Toughest marketing project would be the first time I packaged a digital multi-channel project for a client that had to be completed in a very short time frame – three weeks.  This multi-channel marketing effort consisted of email marketing, social networking, SMS/text messaging and building a custom landing page where the clients’ customers could select how they would like to be contacted.  The project was finished by the deadline and turned out to be a total success. 

 Favorite Restaurant: Hal’s

Favorite Films: Hurt Locker, The GodFather, Caddy Shack, Predator, Forest Gump and Revenge of the Nerds

Significant Books: Your Perfert Right, Bargaining Power, The Truth about Email Marketing

Favorite Musical Groups: Linkin Park, RadioHead, U2, Coldplay, Bob Marley

Favorite Websites:,,,,, and

Leisure Interests: Mountain Biking, Dog Training, Hiking, Golf, Tennis, Camping and Fishing

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