August Volunteer Spotlight – James Culin


By Jonathan Freed
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Family: Wife Alyssa, Son Judah
Occupation: Account Manager-Sales Rep
Education: BS Biology-Pre-Med

What is the most helpful step(s) you took to advance your direct marketing career? Honestly, it was just to talk to as many people and get as many opinions as possible. Each person has their own unique way to run their business according to their talents and experience. Taking one set of advice would limit my potential, since it would limit my opportunities.

I learned about as many different industries (and am still learning) and trends that I could. I wish I could say that I only attend DMA functions but I also attend AIGA, PIAG and Ad Club meetings as well because each organization has a unique way they present their ideas.

I try to copy/follow/mimic the best. In order to be successful you have to find other successful people and find out what made them that way. If possible, try and follow it.

Be open, creative, honest and available. I pride myself on the fact that I don’t “push” anything. If it makes sense, then let’s do it. If it doesn’t fit, let’s find someone that can make it happen. I will never pressure anyone for my benefit. I’m more of a solution specialist and networking liaison. (Big words to say…I like to help)

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