Things Have Changed

By Alex Marchetti

No matter how big or how small, today’s highly complex and competitive marketing environment is making everyone rethink the way they sell and market their products and services. From the likes of GM to Reader’s Digest, no one has been shielded from the economic challenges facing our nation and the world.

We are pleased to announce that in spite of the dismal economy, the extended recession and horrific unemployment rates the DMA Atlanta has experienced unprecedented growth, energy and excitement. We are now considered one of the elite Affiliate Network Members in the National DMA organization and I wish to personally thank everyone who has contributed their precious time and energy to elevate our organization to this prestigious position. I would also like extend a heartfelt thank you to our sponsors, for without their support, none of this would have been possible.

Looking ahead, we have lots of new things in the pipeline: a new website, newsletter and a discounted online data pipeline, web2print, email services for members. And of course, we have some big surprises planned for our upcoming speaker list.

Yes things have changed, yet change creates historic opportunities for the prepared and profound threats for the unprepared. The DMA Atlanta is about preparedness, seizing emerging opportunities and relationships. Thank you for your friendship and support.  I welcome your comments which may be submitted directly to me at

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